Can I bring my e-cigarette and vape liquid?

Electronic cigarette cartridges and liquids that contain nicotine are classified as medicinal products and are regulated under the Japanese pharmaceutical affairs law.

If you wish to bring them into Japan, the amount that can be cleared by the customs is up to 120 ml (liquid) for a one-month dosage. If you wish to import cartridges or liquids beyond this amount, it is necessary to obtain a medicine supervision certificate before travel.

Electronic cigarette cartridges and devices for atomizing liquids are also regarded as medical devices. When importing these, only one device (or two if a spare one is required) can be cleared through customs clearance.

Here's a link to information from Japan Customs about the duty-free allowance for various products, including cigarettes:


If you need more assistance, please contact Customs directly. Here's a link to a page with contact information:

https://www.customs.go.jp/tokyo/english/zei/index.htm Please note that if you are calling Customs from outside Japan, the call will be charged international fees.

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